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16 September 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Is the Moto G the Best Budget Phone?

Moto G promotionThe New Motorola Moto G is a different type of smartphone. Often people rush out and grab the newest hottest phone they can as soon as it comes about, but the Motorola Moto G chose not to spend a fortune to convince others to stand in line for hours at the release. However, does that mean it’s not worth it?

Surprisingly, reviewers are calling the Moto G one of the “best smartphones of the year.” The Moto G is only $179.00 when you buy it without a contract, making it one of the most functional, yet cheapest, smartphones available this season. Price will be dropped to $0 when you click here to grab a Sprint promotional code. So what is it that makes this cheap phone so desirable?

Consider the multitude of ‘smartphones’ that are actually not. Consider every ‘smartphone’ you’ve ever purchased off of a contract, for less than, we’ll say $300, which worked in a way that didn’t make you want to run it over with your car. You can’t argue that most companies feel that they have better things to do than work on a second-tier class of smartphone.

Motorola and the Moto G have created a phone with the capabilities and speed of a stable platform, without having to include every single ‘fantastic’ new feature.
Those who have used the Moto G have compared it’s functionality and resourcefulness to that of a similarly priced $300 tablet device (most of which are required to have 2 year contracts). This new Motorola phone is a great device for anyone who is looking to upgrade to something just a bit simpler (or with less push notifications -.-), or perhaps to use as a fantastic first smartphone. For anyone who has never bought a smartphone because ‘they’re too expensive, and I’ll break it (don’t know how to use it…)” take the chance and have a look at the Moto G. You might be able to buy it at $50 or less without a promo code as long as you sign a new 2-year contract, see more here for savings. With an excellent design, stable software and platforms that perform without issues, the Moto G also has a fantastic battery capability as well, meaning you will be able to use your smartphone longer than most others with the newest, largest, brightest screens. For this price, you really can’t get a better smartphone than the Moto G.

Finally, you don’t have to compromise quality, or style for affordability. If you’ve been looking for a better option, or a great time to buy a new smartphone, this is it!

The Moto G has a 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 1GB of RAM and a 4.5” display featuring 720p. The Moto G also has an Android operating system, a 2070 mAh battery and 8(or 16) Gigs of storage space. The camera is a 4-megapixel breeze for taking amazing snapshots. The shape of the phone is stylish and ergonomic, coming in a multitude of colors.

Contact your nearest Motorola representative today to see about getting your hands on one before they’re gone for the holidays! Or visit an online store to how much saving you can get from AT&T. What are your thoughts? Have you used a smartphone this year that you think should have had more recognition? Share it with us below!

08 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

5 Smartphones You Should Avoid Until Black Friday

Anxious to upgrade to the newest and greatest smartphone in the market today? You are not alone. However, we are already in the month of November, heading to the hottest shopping day of the year – Black Friday 2013. That means retailers and wireless carriers like Sprint and Verizon Wireless will be giving out outrageous discount on all the phones. Sprint is known for excellent service and low-priced monthly plans. And Verizon Wireless is known for wider coverage and reliable call quality. All the tablets and smartphones will be on sale. In order to get the best deals you should avoid buying these top 5 smartphones now until Black Friday.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Friday
1. Samsung Galaxy S4. Even thought it was released earlier this year, it’s still the king of Android smartphone. With so many advanced featured unmatched by its rivals, Samsung Galaxy series have proved to be the most popular lines among Android phones. Sprint normally sells it for $199 with a contract. You can have it for under $99 when you bring an existing mobile number to the carrier. The price will be further reduced according to a online source. Consumers can choose from 3 vibrant colors just in time for the holiday – Purple, Black, and White Frost.

2. The Galaxy Note 3 is another excellent buy from Sprint and Verizon Wireless if you want a bigger display for viewing pictures and watching movies on the go. The 5.7 inch touchscreen is getting closer to the tablet territory but it’s still small enough to be placed in a shirt pocket. Weighing less than 6 oz it’s a great alternative to small tablets – it’s always connected to cellular or WiFi network and can make phone calls too.

3. iPhone 5s has something that no other smartphone has – Touch ID. Instead of a typical 4 digital passcode it now reads your finger print as a more secure way to protect data stored in your phone. This is much more convenient than having to type in a passcode every time your phone is locked. That means you get to use your phone right when you place your finger over the Touch ID scanner – every second counts in today’s mobile world. You may not notice any difference from the iPhone 5 but Apple has incorporated a 64 bit processor inside the 5s – this alone is worth buying.

4. iPhone 5c is free out of pocket when you switch to Sprint! It’s not surprise that you can get an iPhone 4 or 4s for free these days. But the 5c is a brand new model that was just released in September. Best Buy and Walmart have already discounted the phone to just $49 right at the launch and price will only keep going down as we are approaching the holidays. So in addition to the price cut you will also see bonus offers like free case and charger on Black Friday sale.

Black Friday 2013
5. HTC One has been selling for $199 for a while on Verizon Wireless even though the price has dropped to $99 occasionally. This phone was released around the same time as the Galaxy S4 and the demand has been overwhelming. HTC couldn’t make enough of it for everyone at the beginning. It has all the specs you expect from a high-end smartphone but a bargain price of $49 for the holiday. Visit to get update on the latest sale.

These 5 smartphones are excellent value for the current price but please hang in there for a few more weeks. A little bit of patience will pay off – you will find exceptional offers at Verizon Wireless and Sprint on Black Friday 2013.

21 July 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Use AT&T Promo Codes to Save on Smartphones

at&t couponsLike many other carriers, AT&T also offers exclusive online coupons from time to time, especially during back to school and holiday shopping seasons. Some promo codes let you get free overnight shipping, some give you a percentage off the contract phone price, some just give you a fixed dollar amount discount. Although the discounts vary you will still find great deals depending on the phone or mobile device you choose.

This summer’s hottest phone has to be from Samsung. We are not just talking about the Galaxy S4. There so many variant from the Galaxy family – Note II, Active, Mini… No matter what your needs are there is definitely one for you. The regular price for the Galaxy S4 sets you back $200. But if you use the latest AT&T promo code you will be able to save up to 50% when you trade in a smartphone that’s less than 3 years old. That basically means that your 3-year old phone is worth $100. Not too shabby if your mobile phone has been through many drops and dents. As long as the phone is working condition (no cracking screen) you should be able to redeem that promotion.

The second best selling phone from AT&T is the HTC One, which was released shortly before the Samsung Galaxy S4. Out of all the Android phones made by HTC, this device is by far the most revolutionary. It’s the first all aluminum unit body smartphone that features the highest PPI (468 pixels per inch). With so many pixels packed into a 4.7-inch touchscreen, this the best phones for viewing pictures and watching videos. Priced at $199.99 with a 2-year contract agreement, this phone is also eligible for the at&t’s 50% promotion. 

The only phone is not normally on sale is the iPhone 5, the price has been kept at $199.99 since its initial launch last year. But during the smartphone trade-in promo you will be able get for just $99.99 without coupons. This is probably the cheapest price you can find on the latest iPhone. Instead of selling your old smartphone at ebay, trading it for a new iPhone 5 is the most convenient way to upgrade.

at&t phoneAlthough all of the at&t coupon codes can only be applied to phones and you will be thrilled to find that a&t’s Mobile Share plans can save you more every month. Nowadays most people have more than two mobile devices. Having these devices on a separate data plan will cost as much as $60 each. But with Mobile Share plan you can add a Tablet for as little as $10 a month so you can stay connected on your wireless gadgets. The only drawback is that since the data is shared, once you reach your month data cap all the other devices in the account will also be limited.

Other noticeable offers this summer include BlackBerry Q10, Nokia Lumia 920, Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro, and many more. The upcoming Nokia Lumia 1020 with 41 mega pixel camera will blow you away. Visit and see what the latest at&t coupons have to offer. With sizzling savings like these, this summer will be the best season to shop your next smartphone. You can learn more about the company and service here.